After Adetiba’s King of Boys, I realised the Nollywood industry was evolving and wearing a new look, unlike the sub-par movies we have been used to. Though it took some time to embrace the magic, each new release seems to outdo the former. I’m looking forward to the 2023 movies.

Here are my top 5 movies Nollywood movies of 2023

Blood Sisters

Blood Sisters premiered as a Naija Netflix series in May 2022, directed by the late Biyi Bandele and Kenneth Gyang. The series topped the charts of Nollywood movies in the first quarter of 2022 following its controversial thematic preoccupation.

You may agree with my assertions, but I believe the series stood the Nollywood Broadway.


This Kunle Afolayan picture pushed the narratives of ‘men are scum’ and ‘fear women’ ideology. You can trust Afolayan to cook the hottest Nollywood movies.

Anikulapo is a traditional drama set in the Old Oyo kingdom which tells about a man, Saro (Kunle Remi), who returns to life with the help of his lover, Arolake (Bimbo Ademoye).  She snatched a gourd from a Akala, a mythical bird, which she used to resurrect Saro.

King of Thieves (Agesinkole)

Perhaps, Femi Adebayo is that locally made dish spiced with all kinds of assortment. Talking of the delivery of indigenous Nollywood movies (Yoruba), trust Adebayo for some important recipes. King of Thieves (Agesinkole) did not only grip me with its stunning visuals but also in the storytelling of how a group of thieves stormed the village of Ajeromi thus terrorizing its people and carting away their livestock.

Glamour Girls

During the two-hours run of this Naija Netflix movie, my head spun all through to comprehend the movie’s plot and narratorial stance. Glamour Girls is what I describe as a schlocky blockbuster after Chief Daddy 2: Going for Broke.

Far From Home

You all might agree that Nollywood brought some thrillers last year ranging from crime, mystics, action, etc. Far From Home is that high school teen-drama series that unfolds some crazy revelations and juvenile drama.

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