7 Shoes You Should Have in Your Wardrobe as a Man in 2023


My man dem, as I promised, here I am. Today is your day. 

Now, I get it. Not all guys are fashion-forward, but here’s the scoop: dressing to impress is like a VIP ticket to success. And guess what? Your kicks are the secret ingredient to that dapper look. Imagine suiting up, hair on point, and then… whoops, what’s happening down there? Talk about a quick turnoff!

Now, you might be saying, madam I too know, how do I ensure that my feet are also delivering? First, you are darn right about something: I too know (lol)— that’s why you’re here, right? To know from someone who does. Don’t worry, I won’t fall your hand on this.

In light of this,  I will be spilling the beans on timeless shoe must-haves that every guy should stash in his closet. We’re talking shoes that’ll work for any gig, any time, any weather. These bad boys will have you turning heads from head to TOE. 

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No more delay. Let’s dive right into the good stuff!

1. Oxford

oxford shoes create the best formal look for a man

When you think classic, versatile, timeless, and formal, think of the Oxford shoe. This pair of shoes is so sleek that when worn with a suit, tuxedo, or dress pants, they make any man exude sexiness and masculine energy. All these are reasons why any gentleman like yourself must have this shoe in their wardrobe. This shoe falls under the category of ‘dress shoe’ as it can be worn to formal occasions like weddings, job interviews, funerals, dinner dates, you name it. 

So if you are a gentleman who wants to look like sexiness on legs in a formal and sophisticated way, go get this shoe, if you don’t have one already.  

Ensure that when purchasing, you opt for one of great quality.

2. Derby

This is another must-have shoe you must have in your wardrobe. 

This pair of shoes is similar to Oxford shoes. This is because they are both classified as ‘dress shoes,’ have a close resemblance to each other and are perfect for formal events. However, they have differences. The major difference between this shoe and the Oxford shoe is their lacing system. Oxford’s lacing system is inward and closed, while the Derby’s own is outward and open, which makes this shoe perfect for men who have wide feet. Thus, my guys with wide feet, who will not be comfortable wearing an Oxford, opt for the Derby.

Note that even if you don’t have wide feet, you can still go ahead and get a pair of Derby. No crime in having an Oxford and a Derby.

Aside from formal occasions, this shoe can also be worn for casual occasions. Just pair it with a jean and blazer, and you are good to go. Derby shoes come in various designs and colours, so choose the one that fits your style and go be a gentleman.  

3. Sneakers

every man shoudl wear sneakers for a dressed down look

I’m sure you are wondering if I will just ramble on about formal shoes. Don’t worry, casual shoes are definitely a must-have shoe to have in your wardrobe, and what better exudes casual, comfort, and versatility than a good-ol sneaker? Sneakers can be worn with almost anything from jeans and shorts to dress pants and suits. Sneakers come in various designs and colors.

If you want a sneaker that can be worn with anything and at any time, then opt for black or white sneakers. But if you want to add colour or character to your shoe rack, then go for a sneaker that has colour. You can also have the best of both worlds by purchasing both options so that you can freely express yourself based on how you feel that day.

4. Loafers

Unlike the Oxford and Derby, the loafer shoe does not have a lace as it is a slip-on. This makes it perfect for warmer weather. It is a casual and comfortable footwear for any man. The shoe gives off a relaxed vibe, which is very appropriate if you want to dress down. This shoe can be worn for semi-formal or casual occasions. They can easily turn a suit into a casual look and a polo and shorts into something classy. This makes loafers very easy to pair with any clothing of your choice. It’s that versatile. 

So why don’t you have a pair of loafers in your wardrobe?🤔

5. Chelsea Boots

chelsea boots are one of the shoes a man should have in his wardrobe

You need a pair of boots in your wardrobe as a gentleman. And one of the best boots to own is the Chelsea boots. This pair of boots is comfortable (especially for the ankles due to the elastic design at that region), versatile, and classy. It can be paired nicely with your jeans, chinos, and suits. This means it can be worn for formal, semi-formal, or casual occasions with no restrictions. If you do not have a pair, go right now and invest in one. Your feet will thank you.

6. Sandals

Sandal type of shoes for men

You just have to have a pair of sandals in your wardrobe— your wardrobe is incomplete without them. This is because this footwear is perfect for when the weather is hot and when you just need to give your feet a break and still look dashing at the same time. They are comfortable, casual, and easily paired with outfits like jeans, ankara/native wear, chinos, and shorts.  

This footwear is an embodiment of chill. So, you must have one.  I mean, you don’t like to chill? When purchasing one, ensure you select one of good quality that supports your feet. 

7. Trainers

trainers shoes worn by a man

Trainers are a must in every man’s wardrobe. They are comfortable as they have a cushioning effect on the feet and are perfect for taking a stroll with your family and friends or on your own. They are also perfect for workouts, if you are a gym rat, or any outdoor activity in general, like rock climbing or hiking. 

So when next you go to the store/market, ensure you grab a pair of comfy trainers if you do not have one.

There you have it! Now, you have no excuse why your feet should not be delivering on every occasion or season. With these shoes, you will not only serve but you be able to walk into any room, radiating so much confidence that it would blind your enemy. 

So, my dear friend, go and conquer your world with your beautiful feet.

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