8 Must-Have Shoes Every Woman Should Have in Her Wardrobe


Ladies, listen up! Your shoe game is crucial— it can either make you a style queen or turn your outfit into a fashion disaster. And trust me, we don’t want that! So, let’s talk about the transformative power of the perfect pair of shoes that can take your look from drab to fab!

With countless shoe options out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But don’t worry, I’ve got your back! 

In this article, we’re going to explore the top eight shoes that every trendy and fabulous woman, like yourself, should have in her closet. These shoes are like timeless treasures, always in style, and can effortlessly level up any outfit, no matter the occasion!

So, get ready to put your best foot forward, and let’s dive into the world of fabulous footwear! Are you excited? 

I know I am! Let’s do this!

Here are 8 shoes you should have in your closet as a woman:

#1: White Sneakers

Not only are these shoes comfortable (bye-bye to blisters), but they also make any piece of clothing look laid back and effortlessly put together. When paired with your outfit, it gives your fit a more cooler and casual feel, making them perfect to be worn with any clothing. They are also perfect for any season, making them very versatile and essential for a timeless wardrobe. So if you do not have a pair yet, go get one immediately. 

For outfit formulas to help you style your sneakers, click here.

#2: Strappy Sandals

This pair of shoes are perfect for warm weather. Just like the white sneakers, these shoes are very comfortable and can be styled with any piece of clothing. It can be worn with anything from pants, denim jeans, dresses, and skirts and can also be used to grace any occasion. When purchasing a strappy sandal you don’t have to get one that is flat, you can also get one with a little heel for a little more character—or get one flat, one heeled for more option and versatility. 

I will recommend that you go for black or neutral-colored sandals as it makes it easy to be worn with any color of outfit.

#3: Slide Sandals

As a lady- a stylish one at that- these slide sandals are a must for you to have. They are casual, laid back, yet effortlessly chic with a side of “oh, I woke up like this!” vibe. It can be easily worn for any occasion and is the perfect footwear for the summer or dry weather. They are the perfect replacement for flip-flops, slides, or your good ol’ bathroom slippers when going to a beach party, especially if you want to look elegant. 

#4: Classic Black Pumps

If you want to bring your A-game to a formal occasion like a job interview or a formal gathering, then you must have a pair of black pumps in your wardrobe- it is non-negotiable. It is the right shoe if you want to give off an independent boss-lady vibe. They can be worn, literally, with any clothes. So, run and get one if you do not have one. You definitely do not want a day to come when you need them and you don’t have one.

#5: Nude Pumps 

This pair of shoes is the nude version of the classic black pumps. Just like the black ones, they match perfectly with any outfit, from pants to skirts and dresses. They exude so much elegance and sophistication. Less I forget they fully embody sex on legs. In simple terms, go get one if you don’t have one in your wardrobe. 

Quick Tip: When purchasing this pair of shoes, ensure you buy one that closely matches your skin shade as it helps elongate your legs, especially the ones with pointing toes. 

#6: Ballet Flat

Ballet flats are super comfortable shoes (perfect if you are on your feet most of the time) and a more feminine version of sneakers. They are perfect with any piece of clothing and for any occasion. Seriously though, I do not get why you don’t have them in your wardrobe. Grab a pair in classy nude or black, to give your outfit a more elegant finish. 

#7: Statement Heels

Sometimes you just need to add a little personality or that ‘oomph’ factor to your outfit and nothing does that better than a pair of statement heels. These bad boys are not just shoes; they are instant head-turners. They are perfect for parties/clubbing, dinners, birthdays, and weddings. Your wardrobe is practically throwing a tantrum without these shoes in it

#8: Loafers or Mules

And finally, a good pair of loafers or mules. These babies are a must to have, for an elegant and effortless finish to your outfit. They are super comfy to have on your feet the whole day. Choosing between loafers and mules is like deciding between a classic novel and a captivating thriller novel- so hard to choose. Loafers are sophisticated slip-ons, resembling a ballet flat while mules are the siblings of loafers, also chic, but resembling a slide sandal. But why choose when you can have both, in timeless nude or bold black? And if you can’t get both, I will say get the mules as they help in elongating your legs- who doesn’t want that?

There you have it, my dear ladies. Now, go on, strut, slide, or slip into your fashion glory. At least, you won’t say I haven’t done anything for you.

And to my ogas, don’t worry, I did not forget you. Check out all the shoes you must have to be a top guy.

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