A-Q Floats The Cake Bizness Music Company and Unveils First Artist, Zhus JDO


Gilbert Bani also known as A-Q has launched a new music company called The Cake Bizness, which aims to change the way the music industry operates. The new model treats signed artists as start-ups and investors can invest in their brand at an early stage and watch their investment grow as the artist’s career flourishes. 

This innovative concept provides a dynamic partnership and strategic career support to each signed artist, viewing them as a unique start-up venture based on their brand. Music professionals can also provide their services as sweat equity for shares, and share values rise with artist success, offering an exciting investment opportunity. 

The Cake Bizness also fosters a vibrant community of fans who can become stakeholders, creating an interconnected network that celebrates artistic expression. 

The CEO and founder, Gilbert Bani, believes that “every artist in development is a start-up and should be treated as such. Our vision is an ecosystem where everyone shares in the artistic expression. Everyone gets a piece of the cake.”

The Cake Bizness invites music artists, investors, and enthusiasts to join this groundbreaking journey as it enters the music industry. 

For more information, please visit www.thecakebizness.com. 

For media inquiries, please contact TheBaker@thecakebizness.com.

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