I stumbled on the tribe for the first time during the back and forth between M and V back in 2019 – not officially named back then. I had just started my journey into the hip-hop scene via my YouTube channel, Kulture with OBP, in a bid to make my own contribution to the revival of the genre. During that period, I got close and connected with a lot of Vectorians and Tribe folks on Obasanjo’s TL

I learned about them from an old classmate who was also a member who listed me about ongoing debates whether I was a V fan disguising as an M fan just for clout. Well, he knew we longest, so he set the record straight. Later, I was invited for an M.I documentary by Sola; a great guy. At the venue, I met Tochi, Uduak, Sola’s missus and kids, and a couple of other guys – hate name dropping because I always leave folks out and forget names easily.

Fast forward to 2020 and I got to meet one of the greatest to ever do it in person, on his birthday, and I needed no introductions; “The coffee guy.” Also met A-Q at the event and I also didn’t need an introduction; it was wild. Just an ordinary pensioner’s son with less than a year into the hip-hop industry, and already needs no intro to those at the mainstream level.

Later, I was invited to a beach hangout where I met more Tribe members who were very warm and welcoming, despite some of my harsh criticisms of M in some of my reactions. Moving to Abuja last year, I met Etim, and he’s a very solid guy. I’ll definitely see more of him once I settle down this year.

If counting blessings was a thing, I would say my path intertwining with Tribe members and Vectorian tops that list. My relationships with both groups made me realise that hip-hop never died, a lot of people still and will continue to listen to hip-hop, regardless of whatever agendas are being pushed.

The pioneering R&R team is a mixture of die-hard Tribe members and Vectorians. Fam, you need to see when both sides begin their banters; when Tochi and Deolu begin this back and forth, even Netflix would subscribe to it.

That also led to another realisation; we can co-exist, and the toxicity from the Afrobeat/pop fan base doesn’t translate to hip-hop. Granted, some extremists still exist in both camps, but that percentage is fickle, compared to the positive energy folks. My TL is always littered with M and V whenever both camps decide to promote their Gees or banter each other, honestly, I wouldn’t even change it for the world.

I could go on and on about the Tribe, even though some days, I don’t agree with their actions and reactions. Deep down, I understand that we are all monkeys in suits and we only do what we see as “right” based on our circumstances, exposure, personalities, and principles. These are what makes every human unique, even identical twins, thus, we can all co-exist, offend each other, forgive each other, grow together, and hit our respective goals with the help of everyone around.

I’ll forever be a friend of the Tribe, and whenever Vectorians decide to make their community official, they already have a friend in me as well.

Happy 2nd Anniversary to The Tribe of Judah, and never stop believing in what humans can achieve when they come together as a community. 


Your Favourite Local Man.

Ps: Don’t be slighted about me include V and Vectorians in here. I just have to count my blessings and how my relationship with both camps have helped me become a better human over time. My reaction videos, tweets, and write-ups reflect these changes and growth.

I love you all.

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