Agbalagbi & Beef Deyy (Single Pack) by OluwaMillar – A Sonic Journey


AGBALAGBI by OluwaMillar

Get ready for Agbalagbi by OluwaMillar, a track that effortlessly blends drill and rap. In the spirit of Agbalagba, meaning Elderly or Senior in Yoruba, this song takes it up a notch. You’ll notice the distinctive Baba Suwe sample in the intro, emphasizing that Agbalagbi stands as the Superior Elder, resonating with braggadocio and seniority. With clever Yoruba-English-pidgin English wordplay, infectious hooks, and an incredible replay factor, it’s a must-listen.

Beef Deyy by OluwaMillar & iSmooth

Beef Deyy is another gem on the horizon. OluwaMillar and iSmooth deliver a blend of self-assured boasts and profound reflections over exquisite hip-hop beats. The track carries the essence of Wu-Tang Clan, showcasing unfiltered authenticity.

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