We much prefer the idea of creative AIs as a tool for human artists rather than an existential threat. The latest startup touting this idea is Algoriffix, which is developing a system that can be used by musicians, composers, and producers.

‘AI as your co-writer’ is the slogan, with the suggestion that people “upload your unaccompanied solo or stem and let our algorithms recognise notes and recommend the meter and harmony that fit best your performance”.

The business model for this Stockholm-based startup is freemium: a free tier lets people upload two tracks a day of up to a minute in length, with more expensive tiers (€6.95, €9.95, and €14.95 a month respectively) boosting the volume and maximum track length.

The technology has already had a run-out in a competitive context: Algoriffix took part in the AI Song Contest earlier this year as part of a team called Transatlantic Waves. Their track ‘Destined to be Human’, has been released on commercial streaming service.

Algoriffix has also just launched a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund €30k (around $35.4k) ahead of the ‘pre-launch’ of its app in October. “What we are building is a low-latency improvised musical accompaniment in real-time for both talented musicians and music students in search of inspiration and support in writing their next hit. It is brought to life in the form of a mobile app,” explains its pitch.

It’s not the only startup exploring this specific use for AI: Japanese firm Amadeus Code also has an AI-powered app-aide for songwriters.

Culled from Music Ally

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