Beatstream is a startup Livestream for venues, DJs, and artists that allow viewers to stream their ticketed events. It focuses on the live audio streams, not video.

The company has been testing its tech in the UK, including at the recent ‘First Dance’ pilot club event in Liverpool, and with artists like Happy Mondays, Shed Seven, and Blossoms.

The testing period saw Beatstream attract more than 50,000 users. Its tech takes a feed from the mixing desk at an event, with fans able to listen using its app or its website if they have a ticket.

The company takes a £1 cut of those ticket sales, plus £0.15 per hour streamed. Artists can also solicit charitable donations, tips or use ‘pay what you feel’ pricing. It is also working with the likes of PRS for Music (important on a licensing basis) and the UK’s Music Venue Trust.

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