Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities at the Barbie Movie Premiere in Nigeria


Hold on to your tiaras and buckle up because, on Thursday 21st of July, the beautiful city of Lagos turned into a magnificent shade of PINK! The long-awaited Barbie movie premiere took centre stage at the Filmhouse IMAX Cinema, and boy, did our Nigerian celebrities turn up and dazzle on the purple carpet! 

You know our stars; they never back down from a fashion challenge, and oh boy, this premiere was no exception! When it comes to dressing up, our local Barbies and Kens are always ready to bring their A-game. But you know what they say about challenges—there are winners and, well, not-so-winners! 

So, get ready as we spill the tea on who slayed like true Barbies and Kens and who might need a fashion intervention! 

Let’s dive in and have a blast! 

Lights, camera, action!🎬

Best Dressed Celebrities

Here are the celebrities who slayed and made an impression on the purple carpet during the Barbie movie premiere in Nigeria;

Idia Aisen

The first on my list as one of the best-dressed Barbies at the Premiere is the fabulous Nollywood actress Idia Aisien.

This Barbie dress was giving princess vibes. Loved, loved the fullness of the gown and the extravagant bow that she wore on her head. She exuded so much elegance and class with this fit. This dress is a huge 10/10 for me.  

Hilda Bassey

The second on my list is the Guinness World Breaker Barbie, Hilda Bassey. This Barbie came to the purple carpet and ate. Her gown was quite simple, yet so stunning. Also loved the cape that came with the dress. The puffy sleeves of the cape and how it flows to the ground gave off good Barbie vibes, and I am loving it.  

Diane Russet

Not Pink, but still ravishing. The third on my list is the beautiful reality star, Diane Russet. Her gown gave Barbie in a Mermaid tale vibe and was very on point. The ruffles on the dress, the beads, the embroidery, and the long tail made her dress a dream come true. Her fit was one of my favourites. She definitely said with this blue gown, “It’s Barbie, bitch, if you’re still in doubt.” Damn!

Akin Faminu

Akin Faminu did not come to play at this premiere. As a household name in the fashion industry, he lived up to his name. His all-pink suit, paired with white shoes, screamed everything about class and a solid Ken.

You know when Nicki Minaj, in her featured song with Ice Spice, Barbie World, said “The way Ken be killin’ shit, got me yellin’ out like the scream house,” she was definitely referring to a Ken like Akin Faminu, and it sure got us yelling like a scream house.😂


Modella, Modella, Modella. This reality star Barbie slayed the purple carpet with this little pink dress. The material, the beads, and the corset of this dress were just perfect. Muah💋.

The dress gives a toast to the line in Nicki and Ice Spice’s song, which states: “I am a doll, but I still wanna party,” because this dress is giving “Girl just wanna have fun” vibes. Her stylist needs a chilled drink. Anyone? 

Worst Dressed Celebrities

Salma Mumin

I’m sorry as I mean no disrespect to the Ghanaian actress, but Salma, what is this?

The dress and her headwear look like a very big bird. Not flattery at all. And why black, for God’s sake? Any color but black! I think her stylist needs to be questioned because this dress is so off-theme.

Bella Okagbue

My question right now is, why? Bella, why? This off-shoulder gown with intricate beadwork was supposed to mimic the dress on a Barbie doll, but, no offense to the designers, it was an epic fail. Also, the dress did not flatter Belle’s body shape. It is a definite no-no for me. I mean, Bella has a way better style than this. I believe she could have done better. 

And there you have it! Obviously, there were more celebrities that graced the purple carpet, but these are the ones that stood out to me and half of the Nigerian population, both in a good and bad way.  

What are your thoughts about the looks that went down at the Barbie movie premiere in Nigeria?

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