On Saturday 28th May 2022, Break-Fast Jam festival of breaking, hip-hop, art and urban culture was awarded a recognition award by Uganda Hip-hop Awards initiative for their significant, vertical and consistent contribution to Uganda’s hip-hop scene and community.

According to Kaweesi Mark, chairman of Break-Fast Jam. “This award might have been presented to me and Break-Fast Jam fraternity, but it is for the community, the scene and our people. It also came at the right time because this year we are organizing the 10th anniversary of this festival.”

Break-Fast Jam is an annual festival of break-dance, Hip-hop, art and Urban culture in Uganda, East Africa organized by Freshlane.  

This platform was started in Kampala, Uganda in 2011 by youth driven by a mission to nurture, promote, spread breaking and hip-hop culture with an emphasis on its original form, good values and positive contribution to communities. 

This festival has held live events in Uganda and Kenya, and attracted and hosted local plus international guests including breaking pioneer; RichardCrazy LegsColon of the legendary Rock Steady crew. 

Our activities include competitions, performances, showcases, exhibitions, educational workshops, & discussions on arts and culture in contemporary society, especially about youth. 

Instagram: breakfastjam1

Facebook: Break-Fast JAM

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