Talking about this might mean me boring you to dearth about a lacklustre tale. Then again, it’s about the journey and not the destination.

Moved into Abuja earlier this year in search of a community in the underground hip-hop, and what I discovered was puzzling.

This city reeks with untapped, incredible talents. Yeap! Talking about rappers, singers, producers, and sound engineers. 

Met a bloke that raps in English, Pidgin English, French, Pidgin French, and Yoruba. It was the same expression I made when I heard him freestyle for the first time.

Well, manna doesn’t fall from heaven, eve’ though it did millennia ago in a desert, if given means, they’d be present in your music libraries soothing your ears with luscious rhymes and sound.

Since this is the reality we have, then we should make the best of what we have to bring our own daydreams into existence.


This is a platform created to showcase, spotlight, and celebrate the local talents in the Abuja hip-hop scene.

It features performances from a headlining hip-hop artiste, and other guest artistes (hip-hop and other genres).

This is simply to put new acts into your radar, or in hip-hop lingua “we are putting you on” to acts that could go on to become the next big thing with your support; simply by streaming their amazing contents and also putting your circle on.

The BUJ Industry Night is a joint collaboration of Rhyme & Reason and the BUJ KNIGHTS. It is set to hold monthly.

I’m inviting you to come in with friends, enjoy good and new music, alongside drinks and food. 

We all know having a timeout from the daily stress with good music in the background has never gone wrong.

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