State Opera Hanover in ‎Lower Saxony‎, Germany‎, is accepting applications for its new composer-in-residence scheme for the funding program by 360°Fund for New City Cultures, which will take place from January to July 2023.

Hanover State Opera explicitly welcomes applications from marginalised artists, especially BIPOC people with a refugee or migration history and different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The organisation also offers networks, guidance, cooperation, and support in the realisation of music theatre programme ideas.


The applicants must:

  • Be interested in interdisciplinary, hybrid, performative approaches, cross-genre concepts (music, singing, drama, ballet, theatre, visual arts) and experimental musical-artistic ideas. The focus of artistic interest should be the human voice. All genres of music are welcome.
  • Be a person that develops their own ideas with creativity, innovative strength and team spirit. This requires a great deal of curiosity, love of experimentation and the willingness to deal with different genres of music theatre.
  • Be more than 35 years old and already have made artwork and gained project experience. Previous experience in opera is not required.
  • Have used their transcultural experiences to work with the different groups and actors of a diverse urban society, especially with migrant and post-migrant cultural communities and initiatives, and create spaces for artistic and aesthetic synergies.
  • Have a sound knowledge of German. Additional foreign language skills (English, Turkish, Arabic, Russian, French, Polish) would be an asset.
  • Have their main place of residence in the European Union or Great Britain.


Successful applicants will receive the following:

  • A six-month work stay (January to March 2023 with sporadic presence; April to July 2023 with permanent residence) at the Lower Saxony State Theatre Hanover GmbH/State Opera Hanover for the professional realisation of their own artistic ideas with the aim of performing a project.
  • A total fee of €12 000 ($13 872).


  • During the onboarding process, applicants will get to know the State Opera, its departments and artistic staff. Afterwards, mentors from the State Opera will accompany them during the process, especially in the conception and realisation of their ideas, and give support in their collaboration with the institution, with city networks and working environments. A presence (residence) in Hanover is necessary during the rehearsal stage.
  • The Hanover State Opera offers networks, production resources, cooperation and support in the conception and realisation of music theatre programme ideas.

The application deadline is 29 November 2021.


  • Letter of motivation: goals and ideas in German (two pages max).
  • A CV and a photo (two pages max).
  • Graduation certificates, job references, certificates in German or English.
  • Two to three relevant work samples via cloud link (Google Drive or MS OneDrive)
  • Additional images and text material (optional).

The above documents must be sent in PDF format to

View the original call here.

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