Celebrating One Year Of Mohbad’s Blessed (EP)


“There’s no neat resolution to his life, he could’ve written so many more chapters if he had more time. However, his work is testament that he lived as best as he could. In a sense, he’s found the light.”

Dennis Ade Peter

On June 30, 2023, Mohbad, born Oladimeji Ilerioluwa Aloba, released his sophomore project, Blessed.

Mohbad‘s light shone uniquely in the music industry as he combined varieties of techniques from different genres – hip-hop, afrobeats, pop, soul, etc. – to create a distinctive afropop sound. True to his chosen moniker Imole, meaning light,  he captivated audiences worldwide with his unique blend of afropop styles.

Mohbad‘s debut EP captured the hearts of the underground music scene. During the pandemic, he offered an escape for fans with the viral hit KPK, providing an avenue to dance and celebrate. His music consistently resonated with listeners, fostering a sense of relatability.

A Year Since “Blessed”

Today, we mark the first anniversary of the Blessed (EP). It retained the signature soulful vocals synonymous with Mohbad‘s music, offering deep reflection.

Blessed showcased Mohbad‘s versatility. He transitioned from relatable “everyman” to a charismatic “ghetto gospel preacher,” a wise “griot,” and even surprised fans with his romantic side. The EP detailed his experiences, his commanding baritone voice demanding attention, and his lyrics delivering relatable messages.

The project also featured collaborations with long-time friend Bella Shmurda and the energetic Zlatan known as the Zanku Boss. Mohbad‘s spirit lives on through the energy of his music. Let’s keep his flame burning bright by celebrating his life and art.

Blast his music, share your favourite memories, and forever cherish the light of Mohbad, the Imole.

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