Jeronimo Folgueira will be the next CEO of Deezer, following the step down of current boss, Hans-Holger Albrecht, next month. This was made in an announcement by the streaming company. 

Folguiera once served as the  CEO of Spark Networks when it went public in 2017, stepped down in December 2019, and remained as a board member until August of 2020. In this manner, Albrecht will remain on Deezer’s board after stepping down in June.

“With the support of all shareholders and partners, a passionate team of 600 people have built the fourth largest global audio streaming service in the world. Our revenues have grown over 300% in the last five years and our platform averages more than 600 monthly streams per active user,” said Albrecht. “We have a clear strategy in place to deliver long-term, sustainable growth and value for shareholders, artists, and users.”

Folgueira also said, “We have a highly competitive platform with unique features that listeners love. That means we’re in a great place to accelerate our growth and capture many new opportunities, which will benefit both artists and music fans,”

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