That time of the year again, yeah? Earth has made a trip around the sun once again, and it’s time for a note to move from my desk onto your screens. Even as I type this note, I still haven’t figured out how to get started, but I know I’ll get it done at the end of the day.

Before we begin, I’d like to thank every one of you that ever visited and interacted with our Rhyme & Reason magazine, social media pages, YouTube Channels, playlists, and our first compilation tape. These little actions you took are the reason this note has been written and the platform is eager to go harder in 2023.

2022 in Review

After trying to figure it out for the first time in 2021, we closed it with over 8,000 views from over 5,000 visitors on over 450 published articles in our magazine; less than 300 followers on both Twitter (organic) and Instagram (Organic and Ads; a shoestring budget for Facebook and Google Ads). We kicked off 2022 with the aim of growing all our channels organically and raising funds to expand our reach along the way. By the end of the year, the former was achieved, while new knowledge, discoveries, insights, and perspectives were gained in place of the latter.

Some 2022 Highlights

  • Gaining over 900 new followers on Twitter with trendy and thought-leadership content.
  • Collaborated with DJ Teck-Zilla for our first DJ Mixtape of up-and-coming hip-hop artistes.
  • Collaborated with other budding Hip Hop platforms on Twitter to boost the visibility of our content.
  • Interview with some exceptionally talented Emcees and Femcees.
  • Recognition nod from entertainment industry veterans.
  • Secured a media production deal with a studio.
  • Secured a wardrobe deal for said production.
  • Secured a music production deal.
  • Secured access to International PR/Press Release Channels.
  • Our magazine reached even more people (+5.2% of 2021) organically.
  • We had a very Merry December on Twitter.
  • Got my first speaking gig at the 3rd edition of the Hip-Hop Conference.
  • Received an Appreciation Award for Community Development.

Not Bad for a 1-year-old starter.

All of these won’t have been possible without the ever-dedicated individuals I call my team, who remain focused on the goal of spreading the Nigerian and African Hip-Hop Culture Gospel to the world.

Outside our Bubble

Lots of platforms also did their best in pushing the Culture and its several aspects in their own way.

The Battle Rap culture was elevated through platforms like The HipHop Event, WOTS Rap League’s Bars Are Back 3, Ozone Freestyle Fridays, and Bak2Rap.

The Dance and DJ culture enjoyed some elevation through a series of programs by Loudbase AfricaHip-Hop Conference, Graffiti, and Dance Workshops. The Glo Dance Battle competition also elevated the dance and DJ cultural aspects.

The music and knowledge culture also enjoyed support from Nigerian Barz Association, Rap Kulture, Rap Joint Lagos, Rap Radio Africa, Lyricist Lounge, and many more.

These platforms and their events are set to go even bigger this year, and we at R&R® will provide them with the necessary resources at our disposal.

2023 in Preview

Now that we are done with the past, guess it’s time to move to the present and the future.

“Reach for the stars and you may just land on the moon,” is our motto for this year. We do have a number of projects, events and strategies lined up. Only time, resources, and chance will determine which will become reality or lessons.

For 2023:

  • Launch our (International) PR Services and affordable Short Vertical Video Marketing (TikTok, Thriller, Reels, Shorts, etc) services.
  • Launch visual podcast series, and re-release the Kulture with OBP series.
  • Increase our monthly magazine content.
  • Release content on other aspects of Hip-Hop Culture. Shine a broad light on the Gospel community.
  • Information on Concerts, Recording Camps, Business Workshops, and Hip-Hop Exhibitions.
  • Singles, albums, and DJ Mixtapes, and curate more playlists across 3-4 DSPs.
  • Interview more industry executives and creatives in the Hip Hop culture space.
  • Discover more up-and-coming emcees and femcees around the continent.
  • Album reviews, Movie reviews, Fashion reviews, Tools & Equipment reviews, and useful hacks/tips.
  • Thought-Leadership content to acquire new knowledge and skills, and best practices.
  • Collaborate with all and sundry to make their (and our) projects a success.
  • Build a Hip Hop community of solution-minded individuals, creatives, executives, professionals, and investors who are already making or contributing efforts toward a particular problem in the hip-hop culture, the industry, and its practices.

Close and Well-Wishes

We are embarking on aggressive strategies to explore (exploit) and grow the North America and European readership markets, which we see as potential revenue streams for artistes, art, songs, projects, creatives, and brands by simply clicking an outbound link to DSPs, videos, podcasts, websites, etc.

Another revenue stream is through partnerships across both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. These partnerships can be created using our PR services to market your brand, song, project, or business to over 500 million monthly news site and blog visitors.

Our services such as interviews, the new music feature, and the playlist feature remain free service (submissions at info@randr.ng), while the PR and Short Vertical Video aren’t. You can send us a mail to find out more about these services.

All of the above won’t matter if you are not there supporting us every step of the way. Yes, we’ve put in some work for the past 2 years, your support made us reach at least one new person every hour, and that alone has fuelled us to keep doing this.

Your support is why we continue to do what we do with the sole purpose of reigniting the Hip-Hop Community that will build its own Industry and Economy in the World’s Entertainment market. Every week you visit our pages, catch up on the happenings in the Hip-Hop Culture, Economy, Technology, industry ethics, and learn useful tips & hacks is a reason for us to continue our small role in bridging a community gap. A gap that unlocks market values that are sustainable and scalable for our ever-dynamic hip-hop culture.

I bid you happiness and gratitude in your 2023 adventures and endeavours.

Until next time, I remain your Favourite Local Man.

Lawon Shodunke
Managing Editor

Believe and do the work; no dream is impossible to manifest.


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