This project is actively involved in promoting the values ​​and diversity of hip hop culture to young people, audiences and institutions. The initiative goes beyond the production of events, it is a COMPETITION FOR PROFESSIONALS like you.

The festival also aims to convey messages; a place of artistic and intellectual proliferation which also relies on the development of conferences, cultural debates, evening concerts, jams, graffiti, photo exhibition, masterclass (workshop), cinematographic, projections (on hip-hop dance) of a masterclass with a world figure in dance.

The battle will also involve international Breakers from Cote d’ Voire, Ghana, Togo, and Benin Republic.

The Battle Format

This is the format for the Keep on Breaking 1 vs 1 Battle we hope to make this a strong and memorable one.


It’s a B-boy Style Battle, where we will see different styles go head to head in an energetic exchange to Dj Teck-Zilla‘s special breakbeat.

Cypher Round – The Cypher Round will be 45 secs,

KOB Rounds – The top 8 will be 2 rounds with 1 min for each round.

Semi-Finals – Semi will be 2 rounds with 1 min for each rounds.

Final – The Final will be three rounds with 1 mins for each round.


Bgirl Cruxxy
– Bboy Tiara
– Bboy Whirls
– Bboy Bj
– Bboy Spinboy

Special professional Video shoot with Dj Teck-Zilla: strictly breaking to Break songs

Build the Street Together.


No 16 Alice Tinubu (Uruagu Hall)Orile iganmu


Sunday 17th April 2022


12 pm to 8 pm (No African time)

Two battles in a day.

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