OUTSIDE COUTURE by Michael Hounsou is a streetwear brand based in Abuja, Nigeria. It started in 2020, and the aim of the movement is to provide affordable but stylish & luxurious clothing for the masses. In the space of 2 years, it has released 4 collections and has been privileged to work with top artists in Abuja, like Zilla Oaks, Eeskay, and Phaemous, to mention a few.

The recently released collection is titled NOSTALGIA which simply means reminiscing. The new collection celebrates all the times when Michael was younger and didn’t have money to buy a shirt, and he saved up to buy a Truckfit shirt.

“Now I have my own clothing brand,” Michael says with a laugh. “I got Zilla Oaks & Tomi Obanure to model for the new collection because they are trendsetters in the music & fashion scene in Abuja.”

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