Let’s sum up what I know about Cars.

  • I know that engines need fuel and that the Tesla is an electric car.
  • I know of the brands– Mercedes, Toyota, Range Rover and I can’t pronounce Hyundai in public places. 
  • I know I want a big white car. Something that attracts attention when I’m driving around.
  • I hope fuel prices drop when it’s my turn to own a car and have matching cars with my best friends (my two favourite persons) so we can make a TikTok or something. 
  • I know that I will be careful while driving, but I silently wish I could speed up and do crazy things like in the movies.
  • I will wash my car myself because that is money to be saved. YEP, that’s all I know about cars.

Now, if we open a new page or slate on what I do not know about Cars, that’s it. It remains blank. I find myself being so interested in the inner workings of a car, but yet only knowing the aesthetics information. I want to challenge myself moving forward to discover useful car information;

  • How the engines work
  • What causes knocking in petrol engines
  • How and why do cars have their particular numbering and names? 
  • Where the different car manufacturers operate in the world.
  • How much carbon footprint are cars leaving, and how can this be reduced? 

These are useful information that I can enlighten you with next time.

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