Software is simply all the encoded computer instructions. The study of software at various levels has been on the increase in the last decade and has led to the demand for different types of software, engineers, and developers.

Software engineering deals with writing all the codes and data the computer uses. Every page of a website, every game played and information uploaded is due to one program that has been carefully developed, analysed and written.

In this part of the world, we find fewer people pursuing technical and computer-based careers because of a lack of access to proper training, insufficient facilities and the belief that computer languages are hard. Yet there are few folks who are keen on different computer programming languages. Why?

What the software guys don’t tell us…

  • Computer programming languages are easier than average Maths.
  • That it takes weeks, just weeks, to learn enough to get started.
  • That programming language stimulates the brain more than other courses like Geography or even a degree in Law.

The pay for computer Engineers is ranked second in the world. Meaning there is so much money out there and yet we shy away from it because of fear, an inferiority complex, or just simply a lack of interest.

Start TODAY and only then will you understand all the possibilities and opportunities waiting for you as a citizen of a developing nation.

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