Gerad The Great (GTG) is one of those artistes that catch your attention on the first listen.Gerad is one of those artistes that catches your attention the first time their song hits your radar. It was like any other day when his EPK and music release kit for Again & Again landed in my inbox. After the first listen, I realised he had to come on JJC because of its unique sound and bounce – kind of a Future and E-40.

Here’s Gerad‘s JJC.


My name is Gerald Osueke. I am from Imo State, I was born Osueke Chikezie Gervase on April 12, 1997, in Abuja, and I changed my name officially to Gerald Osueke in 2017. I attended Command Secondary School Ipaja, Lagos and the Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO).

I grew up in the military barracks, my Dad is an Army Officer, and my mum is a teacher. I spent most of my childhood in the military barracks in Ojo and its Environs. My early music experiences came from my parents and uncles, and it was a lot of foreign and Traditional Igbo Music. I remember I knew all the Westlife songs, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and many more. I only listened to Nigerian pop music when I left the house.

I believe an event that shaped my life was Music Class. I was opportune to study music as a subject in my Primary School (LASU staff School) where I picked up basic piano skills, and later began to produce music when at 15.

First Encounter with Hip Hop 

My first encounter with Hip Hop was the popular 2Pac song Hit ‘Em Up. I liked that song and could rap the whole thing for reasons unknown to me. That was the first time I came in contact with the genre and fell in love.

Writing Hip-Hop

I started writing lyrics in SS1, and my friend Gilbert also started rapping. He (Gilbert) used to write a lot of sick punchlines that motivated me to go with the flow.

Hip-Hop Head to Emcee

I started rapping my rhymes after I left secondary school. My biggest inspiration to be an artist came from Drake. I love his rap style, and his flows came easily. He was my first inspiration to become a rapper.

Kendrick Lamar & J. Cole are my second biggest motivations to become an MC. M.I (Abaga), Jesse Jagz & Ice Prince were also motivational to my craft. I still love and respect them because they played a huge part in the Nigerian rap scene at the time.

I remember the first time my friends heard me on a song they couldn’t believe it was me. Apparently, I sounded different and slightly American on songs. They always said I was unique and different from every Nigerian rapper they had seen.

Most Underrated Song/Verse

My most underrated song would be Wake Up. I made the song as an Afro Trap blend that also has a deep meaning to it. In my words, I tried to go a bit commercial, but that didn’t work out so well

Worst Song/Verse

Worst song? I don’t think I ever released my worst songs. But Go Away is a song I wish I could have done more on. I made it two years ago, and I believe it was a stepping stone for me.


I plan to build a beautiful community around my music style and genre. I’m currently working on my debut EP, which will provide insights into my sound and story.

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