GMG Boss Releases Sophomore EP, Way Forward


Nigerian singer, actor, and performer GMG Boss has released his sophomore EP, Way Forward. The follow-up to his 2021 classic New Beginning, Way Forward, is a four-track collection of contagious afro juju, street vibes, and afro piano hip-hop melodies.

In an interview, GMG Boss said that Way Forward is a reflection of his personal and artistic growth. “I am happy to share Way Forward with my fans all over the world,” he said. “This EP is a reflection of both my artistic and personal development.”

GMG Boss hopes that Way Forward will connect with his fans and bring them happiness and motivation. “I invested my entire heart and emotions into each song,” he said.

The EP features collaborations with popular Ukrainian rapper Soulja Kelly and King of the Streets Jamokay (Son of Ika). With Way Forward, GMG Boss hopes to make a statement about his range and demonstrate that he cannot be contained into one sound.

Here is a track-by-track breakdown of Way Forward:

  1. Oscillation feat. Jamokay – This upbeat track is about the ups and downs of love. The song features a catchy hook and a danceable beat.
  2. Afrogyration – This afrobeat track is about celebrating African culture. The song features a vibrant sound and a positive message.
  3. Way Forward – This title track is a motivational anthem about moving forward in life. The song features a powerful message and a driving beat.
  4. TETE – This collaboration with Soulja Kelly is a hip-hop track about love and loss. The song features a smooth sound and a catchy hook.

Way Forward features a variety of genres and styles, showcasing the artist’s versatility.

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