Good Thing, Bad Timing – Jaye IV


Good Thing, Bad Timing uniquely blends dancehall rhythm, afrobeat melodies, and the rapper’s distinct hip-hop cadence. The song is set for a happy mood, especially with the synth and electric guitar riffs.

Jaye IV easily expresses himself using the simple and apt phrase that seems to justify the moment we currently live in. ‘No matter how happy you are no one can be happy for the longest before another bad news breaks’. He talks about charming a lady and how everyone does what they must do to get by regardless of societal views on Good Thing, Bad Timing.

Collaborating once again with Grammy-nominated producer, Dammie (KanteDavido). The duo have worked on past projects and have proven to have wonderful synergy, especially for crafting captivating hip-hop-induced afro beats.

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