How Do I Style a Pleated Skirt?


One of the most underrated garments in the fashion industry is the pleated skirt. Not many ladies, especially my Nigerian girlies, find this garment very attractive. However, the pleated skirt is among most versatile and beautiful garments out there. It is beautiful and suits all body types. With the long lines running from the waist to the hem, the pleated skirt is easy to style and comes with its own character to any scene or occasion. It is a must have for any wardrobe.

In this guide, I will be showing you how to style your pleated skirts based on the occasion and the kind of look you are trying to achieve. Keep scrolling to find out these styling tips. 

Classic Elegance 

If you are aiming for a classic elegant style, then you seeking to achieve a sophisticated, classy, and timeless look, style your pleated skirt this way. It would suit whatever formal occasion you want to attend. 

Once you acquire a solid color pleated skirt without patterns, pair it with a white button-down shirt to start the style. You can add a belt to help accentuate your waist. Finish off with a structured bag, ankle boots, or pointed-toe pumps to help elongate those legs of yours, and pearl or understated earrings. Nothing screams classy like simple and understated.  

Casual Chic

While solid color pleated skirts give off the formal vibe, do not be deceived. These solid color skirts can play too. It just depends on the color.

To achieve a casual chic look, opt for a vibrant-colored or patterned maxi or mini pleated skirt, and pair it with a tucked-in graphic t-shirt or off-shoulder or oversized knit sweater. Complete this casual chic look with white sneakers, a layered minimalist necklace, and a tote bag. Now you are ready to hit the beach, pack, class, or the movies in style.


For my career women out there, you can also rock your pleated skirt to the office or any office-related events(conferences, for example). For an office-appropriate look, go with a maxi pleated skirt in black, nude, brown, or navy blue. For the top, go with a button-down shirt or a simple tailored blouse tucked into the skirt. Layer this ensemble with a blazer or long trench coat. Finally, to polish off this look, add a sleek pump or loafers, a structured bag, and understated jewelry. 

Glamorous Evening

“Girls just wanna have fun!” I know that, and you can have fun while wearing a pleated skirt. For a glamorous evening at the bar or club, a metallic pleated skirt is the appropriate choice. Pair the metallic pleated skirt with a fitted crop top or a one-shoulder knotted top. Add a piece of statement jewelry, stilettos, or knee-length booties, and a clutch to amp up the glamour. 


When getting a pleated skirt, select ones that are made with natural and wrinkle-resistant materials. It might be expensive, but they are worth it as they last longer. It is also better to hang the skirts rather than fold them when storing them in your wardrobe. This will help in keeping the pleats intact. 

There you have it! You see, pleated skirts ain’t that bad. Get them if you don’t; if you have, bring them out and slay them. 

P.S.: You can spice up the styles you see in this guide to fit your style.

This isn’t a rule; rather, think of it is a guide.

In summary, do you, girl!

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