How Much Can You Earn from Streaming?


With the rise of streaming services, one of the top two questions on any artist’s mind is how to earn from streaming. We already wrote an article on how you can get into streaming as an artiste. Check it out!

Perhaps you are just starting out, or you have been in the game for some time, there is no doubt that you have invested some of your money into this career, and it is time that this career starts paying you back.

Enter streaming.

Any artist in this digital age already has one of their songs released on streaming services. Each song you have on a streaming service increases your earning potential as these streaming services will actually pay you per stream. The payments differ across streaming platforms. There are quite a lot of them that have popped up over the years; Spotify, Pandora, Amazon. They all have different payout structures. Without further ado, let us tell you all about it.

Different Music Platforms and Their Revenue Per Stream


Let’s kick off our journey with Tidal, a platform that prides itself on high-fidelity sound quality. Founded in 2014, Tidal has gained attention for its artist-friendly approach. With a payout per stream averaging around $0.01284, Tidal ensures artists receive a substantial chunk of the streaming revenue. For every 1000 streams, that’s approximately $12.84 in an artist’s pocket. Beyond the earnings, Tidal’s unique selling proposition lies in its commitment to delivering music of the best possible quality, making it a preferred platform for audiophiles and artists who value sound integrity.

Apple Music

Apple Music, launched in 2015, swiftly became a household name in streaming. With a payout averaging $0.008 per stream, Apple Music keeps the music flowing and revenue growing for artists. If your tracks amass 1000 streams, you’re looking at roughly $8 in earnings, all while listeners enjoy your harmonious creations. Apple Music’s unique selling proposition revolves around its seamless integration with the Apple ecosystem, allowing artists to reach a massive user base that’s already deeply engaged with Apple products.

Amazon Music

From e-commerce giant to music streaming contender, Amazon Music has made its mark. With a per-stream payout of about $0.00402, your musical creations have the potential to generate around $4.02 for every 1000 streams on the platform. A testament to the platform’s reach and listenership. Its vast customer base sets Amazon Music apart, offering artists a chance to tap into the immense Amazon user network for music discovery.


Spotify, arguably the streaming pioneer, boasts a vast user base. Despite its extensive reach, the average payout per stream stands at approximately $0.00318. This translates to roughly $3.18 for every 1000 streams, which adds up as your music resonates with global audiences. Spotify’s unique selling proposition lies in its algorithmic playlist curation, enabling artists to find their way onto personalized playlists, thus reaching new listeners organically.

YouTube Music

The video-centric YouTube platform ventured into music streaming with YouTube Music. Although primarily video-focused, the platform’s average payout per stream is around $0.002. If your sounds rack up 1000 streams, you’re looking at roughly $2—a testament to the platform’s unique fusion of visuals and audio. YouTube Music’s distinct advantage is the visual component, allowing artists to engage their audience through sound and captivating visuals.


Pandora, known for its personalized radio stations, offers an average payout of approximately $0.00133 per stream. Garnering 1000 streams on Pandora translates to around $1.33, making it a part of an artist’s revenue mix. Pandora’s unique selling proposition lies in its personalized listening experience, allowing artists to connect with listeners tuned into stations tailored to their tastes.


Lastly, we have Deezer, a platform that provides a global reach for artists. With an average payout per stream of about $0.0011, Deezer contributes to an artist’s earnings with around $1.1 for every 1000 streams. Deezer’s unique selling proposition centres around its international presence, enabling artists to extend their reach to a diverse global audience, transcending geographical boundaries.

Payouts can vary widely

While the streaming landscape offers exposure and access to listeners worldwide, the payouts per stream can vary significantly as the revenue may be shared with other distributors. Understanding these figures and each platform’s unique features is essential for aspiring and established artists. It would offer insight into the potential financial rewards of their artistic endeavours in the digital realm. You can better position your streams to earn the premium of them based on how many of your listeners are on these platforms.

So, as you craft and share your musical masterpieces, remember that every stream is a step toward earning your well-deserved recognition and compensation.


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