Ice Prince Praises M.I. Abaga and Modenine


Nigerian rapper Ice Prince Zamani has praised his former record label mate, M.I. Abaga, and veteran rapper Modenine.

In an interview on the Fresh Off The Boat Podcast, Ice Prince said that he believes M.I. is “in the same category with the world’s greatest rappers.” He also said that Modenine is “the best metaphorical rapper in the world.”

Ice Prince went on to lament the current trend of foreign record labels dominating the Nigerian music industry. He urged veteran music executives in the country to “step up” and regain control of the industry.

“Our OGs like Obi Asika, Audu Maikori, Kenny Ogungbe, and Segun Demuren need to have their foothold in the game,” Ice Prince said. “We need them as much as we need these international labels.”

Ice Prince’s comments come at a time when the Nigerian music industry is undergoing a period of rapid change. In recent years, there has been a growing influx of foreign record labels into the country. These labels have been able to offer Nigerian artists lucrative contracts and exposure to international audiences.

However, some Nigerian artists and industry insiders have expressed concerns that the dominance of foreign record labels is stifling the growth of the Nigerian music industry. They argue that these labels are not as invested in the long-term success of Nigerian artists as local labels are.

Ice Prince’s comments suggest that he shares these concerns. He believes that veteran music executives in Nigeria have the experience and knowledge necessary to help Nigerian artists achieve global success. He urged these executives to “step up” and regain control of the industry.

It remains to be seen whether Ice Prince’s comments will impact the Nigerian music industry. However, his comments have certainly sparked a debate about the future of the industry.

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