Efforts are being made to build a structured music industry across Africa in order to support all the players in the industry; artistes, managers, and labels.

Earlier this month, IFPI announced that its Sub-Saharan Africa office will be administering the International Standard Recording Code [ISRC] data system for the continent (excluding South Africa. Has an existing system) and will be holding virtual seminars this month to teach musicians how to use it.

Data of all kinds is a priority for the IFPI in Africa, as its licensing and policy lead for Sub-Saharan Africa, Adipo Otieno, explained at the Midem Africa conference this year. “Data is something that is also very critical, and for us, we look at it in terms of getting reliable, accurate data which can enable stakeholders in the industry to plan,” said Otieno. “Because without proper data, you are not able to plan. And we believe that investors are incentivised to invest in sub-Saharan Africa with the proper data. If there is data that gives market certainty and proper projections and focus, then they’re able to invest.”

For ISRC data, the emphasis is on getting musicians paid, but it’s all part of a drive to create those wider structures.

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