Jargokush and Jiggybang Drop Electrifying Music Video for Malaria Remix, Featuring Nigerian Rapper Magnito


Emerging musical sensations Jargokush and Jiggybang have teamed up with Nigerian rap powerhouse Magnito to release the highly anticipated music video for their latest track, Malaria Remix. The music video for Malaria Remix is a fresh take on a classic track, blending Jargokush and Jiggybang‘s unique sound with Magnito‘s signature rap style. The collaboration has already generated significant buzz on streaming platforms.

Malaria Remix is the product of a dynamic collaboration between Jargokush, known for his innovative soundscapes, and Jiggybang, who brings an unmatched lyrical prowess. Adding Magnito to the mix elevates the track, infusing it with his signature witty wordplay and charismatic presence. The synergy among the trio is palpable, making Malaria Remix an instant hit.

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