QuiZZzy, born Victor Adejoh, is a 26year old rapper from the North Central (Kogi) part of Nigeria He was born in Kaduna, raised in Jos and Abuja. He is currently based in Lagos, on his way to realise his potential. The emcee won the Nokia Asha Rap Competition as an Architecture undergrad of UNIJOS, his first ‘rap money bag’. He later went on to become a finalist at Hennessy VS Class 2019, after school.

QuiZZzy‘s rap techniques are impressive and here is his Rhyme & Reason® JJC feature.


My first encounter with hip-hop would be from a very very tender age. My elder brothers had, like a errr, big love for rap music. And then, you know, I remember them playing Ice Cube, Lauryn Hill, errr, Biggie, Snoop, you know, Pac, Vanilla Ice… Then I loved it. You know, I grew up loving it. I can’t really pick, like a time. I feel like I’ve encountered it all my life.


I think I started writing officially when I was eleven (11). I’ve been writing maybe for like 15years now, give or take [chuckles]. I’m at a point where sometimes I don’t even write anymore. My engineer will tell you [chuckles]that sometimes, he plays something and then he’s like ‘What do you think?’ and we’re there trying to build the concept, you know. I start writing, and then maybe I write like half, and then you know, we’re recording and then from like spitting the half bars I wrote, I just do the rest off the top. You know, most times it works out well sha.

My pen game is heavy sha. Nobody comes close. I swear On God! On Gaard! [chuckles]


The thing about me is, I’ve always been passionate and enthusiastic about rap music, hip-hop. I think that maybe attributes for like the hip-hop head side of things. So, transitioning to be like an emcee, was effortless for me because… like I started saying stuffs before I knew what they meant. I was dropping like ironies, similes, metaphors, like name it… before I knew what any of those things were. I remember a time in the studio, I think it was with Suka, I think I said something and Suka was like ‘Ahhhh that’s an irony’ I think that’s an irony abi simile. I was like ‘What are those?’ Like, do you get?

Yeah! it’s been like that for me. I just always felt like I was spot on with it, and I didn’t really have to really think it for it to come to me. So, yeah, the transition was quite seamless for me, to be honest.


For me, everything I’ve put out. Every piece of music or freestyle I’ve put out has not gotten as much reception as I believe it should. So it will be like the whole collection. Monster Verse for instance. I know A-Q said the verse is fire, and I got accolades from like him (A-Q), from like M.I.


[Laughs] Worst song or verse for me would probably be like the first song I ever wrote. Now that I think about it, I think I was pretty hard. Coz’ I remember it was, erm, “People like to kill I wish it wasn’t real” something like that, something like that. But like, even that sef, is harder than a lot of things you hear these days. So, I don’t have a worst song or a worst verse. Everything I do is fire.

God with the flow, and Poseidon in the making‘, so I can’t have like a wack song or verse. Like nah! Never me.


I’ve been putting in work. Currently, I’m doing err, Dope on Sundays series. It was greatly inspired by Alpha Ojini‘s #QUICKBARS sessions. I’m like 3 weeks in. It’s just a thing where I drop a verse every week, every Sunday [scoffs], so to speak. You should check it out, its fire.

I’m also working on like, a compilation project. Erm, I’d like, you know, talk more about that soon. But then, if all things go well, it’s gonna be the best rap project out of Nigeria in forever. That’s just it basically, I’m trying to position it right to go for like, the Best Lyricist (Lyricist-on-a-roll) at the Headies. Tired of seeing like, the regular guys win it [scoffs]. It’s exhausting! [scoffs]Cos’ they don’t even flow this fire. So yeah, that’s basically it.

Shout out to R&R® for reaching out. Shout out and God bless y’all.

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