K’naan’s Latest Single ‘Refugee’ celebrates displaced people’s resilience


K’naan Warsame, the Somali-Canadian hip hop artist behind the global hit ‘Wavin’ Flag’, has released a new single and video titled ‘Refugee’, in which he pays tribute to the strength and courage of people who have been forced to flee their homes due to conflict.

The song, which was launched in late June, is part of his upcoming album that will be released later this year. In a social media post, K’naan said that he wanted to flip the meaning of the word ‘refugee’.

“I wanted to write a song that felt like a home for those of us made homeless by conflict,” he wrote. “A song that speaks to our resilience and our ability to overcome.”

The lyrics of ‘Refugee’ reflect K’naan’s own experience of escaping war in Somalia as a child and finding refuge in Canada, as well as the stories of others who have faced similar challenges. He sings: “Every suitcase held their home / Every suitcase held their hope / Every suitcase held their home / Every suitcase held their hope / Refugee.”

According to the UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR, there are more than 110 million people who are forcibly displaced around the world, including over 670,000 Somalis. Some of these refugees are the most resilient people on the face of the earth and they deserve their medals.

K’naan, who has performed in nearly 100 countries and made Rolling Stone magazine’s 200 Greatest Hip Hop Albums of All Time, is also working on a musical at the Public Theater in New York, based on his life story.

You can watch the video for ‘Refugee’ on YouTube and stream the song on all major platforms. Don’t miss this powerful and uplifting track from one of the most influential voices in hip-hop today.

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