Olamilekan Moshood Agbeleshe popularly know by his moniker, Laycon, is one of 2020’s Hip-Hop breakthrough artists. Other rappers who broke through into the hip-hop scene in 2020 include DreyloChequeMejiFozter, and Astrap King

For every one of these artists mentioned, we can assert that at one point or the other, we saw them coming through by climbing up the hip-hop ladder, some with baby steps, others maybe not. Now, there’s Laycon, who many people might say they didn’t see his headlights at all. It was just straight from the wings of Big Brother Naija’s fame straight to the middle of the industry’s motherboard, with spotlights beaming on him. 

I am tempted to say that the people with this school of thought are not far from being right because, yes, Laycon’s emergence was indeed a swift one that we cannot certainly attribute to his rap prowess and (or) impact of his songs. But then again, that will be a total injustice to all his years of toil in music generally. As far back as 7 years ago while he was just 20 years old or thereabouts, he was already making waves albeit tangibly in the grassroots. 

He was among the artists that performed in the 2014 Coke Studio University of Lagos events. He then went on to be in the top ten finalists of the MTV Base LSB challenge in 2017. However, prior to his Big Brother Naija appearance, he had dropped 2 EPs. The first one titled Young, Black, and Gifted while the second one Who Is Laycon? The former didn’t do well by any scale whatsoever and the latter did not catch the attention of people hitherto his BBN days.

This begs the question, if not for Big Brother Naija, would Laycon have managed to break into the hip-hop scene at all? Is his emergence into the hip-hop spotlight a shred of luck or he had it coming?  Let’s hold onto our thoughts while you share yours with us in the comment section.


  1. I think the BBN platform played a huge role but at the same time, I don’t think we can rightfully underestimate his lyrical prowess. While he may not have shot up as much as he has with Big brother’s help, there’s a possibility that he would still have made it outta the hood at some point. Whether or not he’s worth all the current hype, I guess we would find out. Brilliant article, btw!

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