Naija hip-hop industry is blessed with lots of talented rappers but only a few can boast of having a wide range and that’s where we have Ladipoe. He effortlessly cuts through collaborations and kills them so easily, one would think it’s not a big deal. Truthfully, Poe deserves his flowers for being up there as a rapper with mad range.

Let’s take a quick review of some of his collaborations over the years:

Ladipoe x Buju – Feeling 

Ladipoe’s delivery on this track complimented Buju’s mellifluous voice well, creating a nice rhythm and flow that is easy and soothing to the ears. Poe’s rap aligns with the message of the song itself and this makes it very relatable. Especially the part where he said, “Way out of my feelings, nothing can stress me”. It helps to amplify the idea of the song preaching a stress-free life. 

Ladipoe x Efya – Voices 

Talking about range, going from the previous track to this one is a perfect example of what we mean when we say Ladipoe has mad range. He switched up on us on this track, went hard with the rap. 

“We are in for the profit, the plot is to buy acres” 


Whoooooooooooshh!!! Poe came hard on this one and Efya’s contribution catalyzed the flames he made. 

Ladipoe x Seyi Shay – Red Light 

Again, he came up different on this track. It is a little more fast-paced than the previous ones above, and he still comfortably hopped on it with his great lines and charisma. This affirms that he is not a one-way rapper. He can handle it rough, cool, or whichever way it comes. 

Ladipoe x Teni – Lemme Know (Remix) 

We have seen him do the slow and rhythmic kind of rap and that he did excellently. On this track, he showed us he is versatile enough to do trap and still excel at it. Combining with Teni on this track, Poe further proves his flexibility and fluidity when it comes to doing rap music. 

Ladipoe x Funbi – One step closer 

This song takes us back to the past with its rhythmic beat which sounds similar to 90s Blues. Something like a song from Phil Collins and the likes. As expected, Poe ate it up with his rap prowess. Thereby, ascertaining that he has it in him to rap to any kind of beat whatsoever. 

Ladipoe x Simi – Know you 

Many Nigerian rappers will tell you it’s hard to make hit songs that will cut across because not everyone is into rap songs. Well, take Ladipoe out of that list because this rapper knows his onions and cuts across. This he did on this track with Simi as they had the whole country on lockdown when this song dropped. Poe’s range is so great, he caught the attention of people who do not fancy rap songs and he didn’t have to compromise his craft to do it. 

Ladipoe ft Tiwa Savage – Are you down

This is the 7th song we selected and no two out of these 7 songs have him sounding the same or having a similar kind of rap. Not too many rappers can boast of this feat. With each collaboration, Poe further proves that he has a different approach and style to dish out. On this track, he showcased his hold on upbeat music and blaring horns.

A project from the rapper this year is very much expected to do very well commercial as well as critically in the hip-hop community with hit singles like Know You, Lemme Know (Remix), and Feeling already in the tracklist.

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