Mannie Tseayo drops Grey: The Deluxe album


With the latest release of Grey: The Deluxe, fans of Mannie Tseayo are definitely eating good this month. Andromeda Vibes is the titular track of this new release, and it is immediately a contender of song of the year even as it is hot off the presses. Everything about the track, from it purpose to its production, accompanying art and release has been critically dope.

When I first heard Mannie Tseayo’s “Grey: The Midtone” back in 2023, it felt like someone had finally turned the lights on in Nigeria’s hip-hop scene. More like multiple lights, actually, because if you know anything about Mannie’s music, it is that you are sure to find musical influences from your childhood appearing in certain elements of the song. Where else in Nigeria would you find soul-wrenching vocals and deep reflections in hip-hop if not in a Mannie Tseayo song? and in Grey: The Deluxe, there is a whole new package.

The concept behind Grey: The Deluxe is duality and balance. The world often splits into black and white, and Mannie explores the natures of black and white not as separate entities but as an intertwined experience resulting in Grey, hence the name of the album. Her thoughts in this album deeply resonate with the human experience, recording the feelings we find when we triumph or fall. But this is just a slice of the pie because there is so much more to read when Grey: The Midtone is put on a loop.

My best track for now is Andromeda Vibes featuring the vibrant OG Mage, also another chameleon of styles on the track. If you did not miss the Meat and Greet, you would have been privy to an electric live performance of this song—one you won’t forget easily, even when the the radio version loops. The vocal performances here are perfect and even angelic. The instrumentation redefines just how sexy rap and afro pop can be. Listening to the song is a flavourful experience.

And that is not all. There are four new songs to talk about and seven more to revisit when we properly review this album.

In “Grey: The Deluxe”, Mannie Tseayo has gifted us a piece of her heart, and, in doing so, has helped me understand my own. This body of work is more than music; it’s a reflection of our shared journey through the shades of grey that define our lives.

Mannie’s artistry, a fusion of alternative pop and rap, mirrors her eclectic influences and creates a unique soundscape that virtually nobody else is doing. It is a testament to her immense talent and wide range of influences. Sometimes, one wonders if she can ever go wrong. Her award-winning talent shines through, earning her accolades like the Best Female Artist in Abuja at the Made in Abuja Awards (2023).

Stream “Grey: The Deluxe” and let it touch your soul as it has touched mine.

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