Mo’Gunz Aging in The Game Like Fine Wine


Popoola Bamaiyi Oluwasegun is a B.A History degree holder from Prince Abubakar Audu University, Kogi. Mo’Gunz who hails from Oyo State was born 24th June is a hip-hop artiste that has been paying up his 10,000 hours releasing timeless music. The 26-year-old 234 Drill pioneer hit my radar in 2019 with his single with Droxx, Officer. Along came Riot EP, a joint project with Droxx in 2021 that really got the buzz and attention it deserved.

He has remained consistent with releasing music, giving out verses since then to his first single in 2024, For The Times. This regard showed him in a new light. He has matured and he’s about to shake things up in the industry.


I grew up with my parents and most especially my elder brother loving music. They exposed me to a whole plethora of music I wasn’t hearing around the neighbourhood. This I believe set the tone for my taste in music. When I was much younger I remember my cousins and myself pretending to be a boyband, initiating Westlife videos and all that. The confidence and joy I found in those little moments really put the battery in my back to explore a career in music.

First Encounter with Hip-Hop

There was a day I didn’t go to school, primary school days, I was in all day with just my elder brother. He was a huge Kanye West fan at that time and played the College Dropout album for most of the day. I remember connecting with that listening experience more than any other experience when I was younger. Listening to the tracks and skits and enjoying the whole show was a real eye-opener for me.

Writing Hip-Hop

I’ve always been interested in writing, even from my early childhood days I used to write small lyrics here and there. However, around primary four or so I remember writing something to Usher’s Confessions and showing my friend Annas. It was probably trash but I enjoyed piecing those four bars together as a youngin.

Hip-Hop Head to Emcee

Growing up in a household with more elderly people I was always exposed to excellent music and to be honest, my older relatives were creatives at the time.

However, I remember really doubling down on music by SS1, just rhyming for the fun of it. I noticed the bars I was writing were a bit mature for my age and that made me start writing more, and exploring more themes. Also, before I started writing bars, I was first a poet, which made the transition easier.

Artists that inspire me and my style? Definitely has to be Kendrick Lamar, Joey Badass, Isaiah Rashad, Andre 3000 and Burna Boy.

Most Underrated Song/Verse

I’m not sure. I can’t place a finger on any yet. Maybe the fans will be in a better position to answer that question.

I also believe I can be better at whatever I jump on. I’m a perfectionist, so I’m never really satisfied with a verse. I feel there’s always room for improvement.


I’m currently working on a project, some light stuff for my rap and music lovers alike. So definitely there’s new music on the way from this side.

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