Pytha is undoubtedly one of the finest rappers in Abuja. He has a rather effortless and conservative disposition to his style ranging from the minimalistic music style to his image as an artist and a person.  

Pytha released his most recent single titled 4AM IN WUYE. As a fan of hip-hop, you’d probably expect some fiery bars on a boom-bap beat as in Drake‘s 5AM IN TORONTO series but Pytha dared to be different. 

From the snippet, we could tell that it’s a whole new vibe. Still hip-hop but this sounds like the type of music that everybody would love to listen to. It is good music. From there, we opened our minds to hear what this young chap from Abuja has to say in his music as we could tell that he can not be boxed.  

His sound is very unique with a distinct voice, refreshing, full of amazing melodies while delivering a catchy cadence on beats. 

Pytha is clearly not just a rapper, he’s an amazing songwriter. He’s a rapper that knows how to make good music. 

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