In the vast rubble of ruins, we sift through our planet in search of meaning, happiness or anything in between, and there are periods of unrest that seem unending. Unresponsive, unwavering, unyielding. Initially, T.K.O fought the waves with every fibre of my being without giving thought to stillness. However, it was through the very act of poise, being dead calm in total chaos, T.K.O was able to pimp the deficit. T.K.O hopes this helps someone else find the strength to be calm in their turbulence.

What matters most is how well you walk through the fire. In the end, it will pass. In the end, you will rise. In the end, it will make you wise. In the end, it will teach you to close your eyes and open your mind. Ultimately, it will show you the path to seek what you find.

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