New Music: CAMPFIRE (Compilation) – RYT PATH


In September 2021, Ryt Path Co. organized the first-ever writing/production camp called Ryt Path Camp. Over 30 artists and creatives attended, and they created over 30 songs. Since the camp ended, RYT PATH has released a number of singles and an EP titled A Collision of Hearts,” which peaked at #10 on Apple Music Nigeria’s Alternative charts during its release week.

Despite some setbacks, such as losing a hard drive that contained some of their songs, forcing them to remake them, and a series of concerts across northern Nigeria, including the first-ever RYT PATH FEST, the collective is back with an album titled CAMPFIRE.

CAMPFIRE is a Christian hip-hop album that inspires listeners to live their lives to the fullest, even when it means going against the status quo. The album features contributions from Eazy Bob Wizzy, Menxee, Phrv, Baron Jay, Aizek, Tissann, Diyo Matalo, AkilaJnr, Drumstixx, Minkir, Grimm, Crid Kore, and more..

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