For Kattegat is the debut LP of Abuja-based femcee, Rebelwav.

The project is dedicated to 2 sets of folks; the first are those whose loyalty wasn’t bought by her money; those who live in the reality of finding themselves and giving their all to achieving their Glory.

The LP is made up of her bare emotions and includes a message for everyone in her life since the Cactus EP and African Cactus days. She receives a number of assists on the lp; Tomi Obanure, Gunzz, Denzel Oaks, Droxx, Miles Caliph, Anti World Ganstars, Tracker, ZakiiBoy, and At Merari. A cocktail of passion and emotions, that closes the chapter on her old life and disloyal friends/colleagues, who left her out to dry when she needed them the most.

For Kattegat closes the Cacti series; Cactus EP & African Cactus, and introduces new energy, vibes, and lyricism from Lagertha herself, Rebel.

Listen on your favourite platform.


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