Hands in the Air is a Christian drill song with a fusion of elements from various genres.

This song kicks off The First Wave of Ryt Path Camp releases. Also, it is perfectly designed to give the audience a taste of what the camp felt like, for the artists and creatives who were present.

Listening to the song, you can feel that community vibe oozing from the speakers. The vibe is so groovy that it can have you nodding, stomping, and putting your hands in the air a few seconds into the song.

The song features Baron Jay, Peacestar, Minkir, Tissann, Crid Kore and Haye Frama on background vocals. With production by Crid Kore and Eazy Bob Wizzy.

Please note: The Explicit tag on the song is an error by our distributors and they are currently working on fixing it. There are no explicit lyrics contained in the song.

Listen on your favourite platform; Apple Music, Spotify, and Audiomack.

RYT PATH is an artist/creative collective and a subsidiary of Ryt Path Co. which is an independent music label, a clothing line, a music & arts festival (Ryt Path Fest [formerly known as XREK WKND], and an independent radio show. In September 2021, Ryt Path Co. organised the first-ever Ryt Path Camp – a creative camp – where artists met and worked on a lot of music (over 30 songs) within the span of 10 days.


Twitter/Instagram: @RytPathCo

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