Rugged Triad‘s own Indigo Phoenyx and burgeoning Nigerian producer Teck-Zilla combine forces on the collaborative EP titled  Indigo’s Ascension.

A body of work that is made up of six soulful yet sinister tracks featuring Queen Herawin (of Juggaknots Fame), Nejma Nefertiti, Ke Turner, and Aida; fiery women who flourish in the underground hip hop scene and are respected as top their lyricists. 

The project is a dedication to Indigo‘s ancestors and embracing and honing her abilities while pushing through life’s obstacles. Vibrating higher is the theme of the EP hence the term Ascension. Additional feature includes Tariq L, who added his touch in polishing the project and is featured reciting a prayer on the banger The Ceremony.

Teck‘s otherworldly production is innovative and compliments the powerful voices of the ladies featured. The mesmerizing melodies, hard-hitting drums are a testimony to how remarkable Teck‘s skills are. Indigo makes a  decree to give her best in her music and that means sharing relatable topics and enjoying the hip hop culture without compromising her morals. Indigo’s Ascension is a listening experience hip hop enthusiasts worldwide can appreciate. 


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