XO DON breaks into the music scene with a phenomenal debut in the form of Insecure. A raw and genuine expression of soul, sound and self. This debut will soon be followed by his upcoming EP and more songs.

XO DON, whose real name is Chibuike Ezenagu, is a talented singer and songwriter from Lagos, Nigeria with a penchant for the sublime. The “X and O” is a reference to hugs and kisses which is an allegory for the love and warmth he hopes to share with his music

Insecure is a soul/RnB infusion with afrobeat sensibilities and a dash of futuristic sounds. The song features an EMO tone that speaks to the soul and also fills the atmosphere with calm energy, it narrates the story of confusion and indecision between previous lovers ultimately resulting in heartbreak,  something most of us have experienced in one form or another.

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