As her first release of the year, Nigeria’s resident rap queen, SGaWD, is back with Intermission, a new freestyle that showcases why many consider her an artist to watch in 2023. Over elastic, futuristic production from 44DB’s Trill Xoe and John Wav, SGaWD’s liquid flow rolls with an ease that belies the lyrical weight she brings to each bar. 

She takes aim at men within the industry who are quick to proffer unwanted “advice” as she raps “pussy boy just tried to tell me how to run my business, I’m the truth I turn an unbeliever to a witness.” 

Brash as ever, she treats the space-age production like a playground, ducking in and out of pockets and testing flows without ever missing a beat. The chemistry between her and the producers is evident making for an infinitely replayable track that will leave listeners feeling empowered, ready to take on anyone that might be doubting them.

With more music coming this year, Intermission is a warning shot and any rapper within earshot would be wise to listen.

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