The world is currently experiencing a musical integration like never seen before. Sounds travel across countries and continents breaking the language and cultural barrier and influencing the sounds of artists all over the world. Trigga the 24’s JAGAVILLE is a hallmark of this integration.

JAGAVILLE – is the combination of Jaga Jaga and Ville as Trigga the 24 introduces us to his crazy world. The project is filled with gritty, comical and melodic lyrics which allude to Trigga’s life experiences.

JAGAVILLE is Trigga the 24’s debut project after a string of singles and features that began in 2019. When talking about the creation of JAGAVILLE, Trigga the 24 said: “The past few years have been crazy for me. So it was only right I clear my head”.

The Danish Beats-produced project features guest appearances from Conor Jon, MK, N£ro and El Vinoh. The project is a hustler’s OST, motivating and entertaining in this allegorical world of Trigga the 24.

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