Los Enchies translates to Loose Cigarettes and is a metaphor for the day-to-day struggle faced by Namibian musicians. In a country where the music industry is not recognized by most people, Nomad has been slaving away at creating sustainable art that can be seen as a vehicle to life as a Namibian.

It is also due to the fact that the songs are basically a loose collection of songs that not only have their addictiveness in common but also portray a very grungy view of Hip Hop in Namibia and Southern Africa as a whole.

Best described as a collection of 5 Old School Cypher style Hip Hop / Rock tracks the EP is laced with clever lyricism and out-of-the-box guitar playing.

The song combines Nomad‘s punchline-orientated raps with Vanilla Dave‘s rockish guitar riffs. Making use of clever wordplay, metaphors and well-known Afrikaans phrases Nomad paints a gritty picture to transport the listener to specific periods in time. Focusing on current affairs as well as historically relevant events and instances to create a first-of-its-kind Namibian Hip Hop EP.

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