Abuja-based artist/producer unveils his sophomore self-titled EP, Makama.

The capsule body of work is an unprecedented fusion of bracing sounds that showcases his evolution and growth as an artist and producer. 

Makama explores beyond the confines of the prevalent hip-hop and trap sonics, tapping into elements of psychedelic, punk rock and alternative sounds to emphasize the rich texture, vigour and mood of his evolving sound. 

The 6 track EP, produced and engineered by Makama, includes guest features from close collaborators; BrisB, Blue7lame & Pa1n. The punk rock-inspired lead single, Makama, is treated to a video directed by Ruby Okoro & Makama, and styled by Eni O. & Pith. 

Still reeling from the buzz of the Synergetic EP with Abuja-based wordsmith Zilla Oaks, Makama is well on his way to establishing his lane.

Listen on your preferred platform.

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