New Music: Mo Gas (Single Pack) – 4Runna


Keeping the momentum going after the successful release and noteworthy reception of his last single Sugar N Spice, 4runna keeps the engines revving with the announcement/release of new music titled Mo Gas. He follows the traditional side A & side B music discourse with a two-side single pack with titles eleMent & tit 4 tat.

On Element, the woozy, jumpy rap record produced by 4’s usual suspect LA based 8een, he rides shotgun with Abuja’s very own hip hop heavyweight Zilla Oaks who ushers 4runna into the city’s hip hop community. They’re both in their element as they trade unpretentious bars on how credible and on-top-of-things they are in the overall scheme of things, making it clear with lyrics like “It’s just you and your opinion, it’s me and perfect timing”, amongst others.

On the B side is tit 4 tat, a Lorenzo-produced hazy synth record accompanied by head-turning drum splits reminiscent of Drake’s So Far Gone era, ushered in by lush vocals from the Port-Harcourt-bred rapper who issues a note to self and anyone else who cares to listen that the lines drawn in the sand have never been clearer or as the title firmly puts it “tit 4 tat”.

Both records on Mo Gas are energetic, melodic, and bars heavy rap records that are well fitting for any curation that houses hip hop/rap and its accompanying sub-genres.

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