New Music: Motion Pack (Single Pack) – Bliizzy


With an enchanting blend of infectious melodies and captivating lyrical prowess, the rising star Bliizzy is poised to capture the spotlight once again with his eagerly anticipated release, Motion Pack. This dynamic collection comprises two enthralling singles, namely Motion and 1am in Lagos, each offering a window into the remarkable musical journey of Bliizzy


Infused with Bliizzy‘s unmistakable musical signature, this groovy track seamlessly fuses elements of afrobeat and contemporary R&B. Motion embarks on a rhythmic odyssey, exploring themes of fluidity, liberation, and self-expression. Bliizzy‘s velvety vocals effortlessly dance over the lush instrumentation, igniting an infectious energy certain to set listeners in motion themselves.

1am in Lagos

This poignant single delves deep into introspection and vulnerability, as Bliizzy takes us on a lyrical journey through the late-night streets of Lagos. The track’s evocative storytelling and modern production harmoniously meld to conjure emotions that resonate universally. 1am in Lagos showcases Bliizzy‘s artistic versatility, merging contemporary elements with authentic narrative.

Bliizzy is recognized for his innovative genre-blending and his exceptional ability to craft songs that resonate with audiences worldwide. Motion Pack is a testament to his unwavering commitment to creating music that transcends boundaries, connecting with the core of the human experience.

Bliizzy elaborated, “I envisioned Motion Pack as a seamless extension of that artistic voyage, highlighting growth and evolution as an individual and musician. These singles reflect my journey and creative expressions, and I am genuinely thrilled to share them with a global audience.”

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