Nipsey the Mixtape is Nigerian Rapper OG Daveson’s debut mixtape stepping out of medical school as a doctor. The mixtape features six tracks that let the rap artiste display his outstanding lyricism, flow, double entendres and sound on top afrobeat and foreign instrumentals.

The project stems from hope around his circle that sees his lyricism and wordplay as stellar. The work came off stress and love from OAU Creatives, despite hitches and barriers.

On Haute Refix, OG Daveson has Louis Hendrixx taking the first verse on the club bounce Haute Instrumental by TygaChris Brown, and J Balvin. Louis displays clever wordplays and flows, and Timi Oget takes the hook sonorously, OG Daveson comes off cool and collected with top lyricism as they all talk about sexcapades and erotic plans with a lady.

On If refix, OG Daveson takes the flow a bit fire while spitting and wooing a lady who drops jaws by her body and goes off with the rapper braggadocious studded with wordplay and immaculate flow referencing some marvel movies and afrobeats stars.

Damages refix has OG talking about living life as a fuck boy and causing damage to girls’ hearts as he finesses as a top boy. He uses word plays about foreign rappers, singers, Hollywood stars, and Disney movies.

OAU cypher 2021, 4 fantastic OAU rappers~ OG Daveson, Louis Hendrixx, The Inglorious MOB and Aceking team up to make the world marvel at the skill set of lyricism, double entendres, wordplay, bars, rhythm and flows that stand out uniquely as every rapper brings his style and cadence to dish out his braggadocious on this fire cypher.

On Greaze mode Refix, OG goes personal and speaks about being real and helping people without making a fuzz and acting shitty because of earnings; he sneak-disses an attitude of a bitch ass nigga and declares the evidence of his comeback is beginning, but he is at peace with all.

On 7am In Ife Freestyle, OG Daveson tests his lyricism on an excessively high scale after learning from Eminem and Biggie; he uses an uneven flow,  in-line rhymes, multi-syllabic rhymes, metaphors, punchlines and wordplay to prove his seasoned skillset and artistry in this braggadocious rapper freestyle.

All the Above refix ends the mixtape as he gives a tribute to the life he lived with his mates all while in medical school, all the struggles, the parental support, the wins and the moments. He tells a story till the very moment and the levels reached as he ends the mixtape.

His Mixtape captures Obama‘s quote on Nipsey Hustle.

The tracks and Features were purely OAU guys produced by Yellowsoul and The inglorious MOB and yours truly through the struggle with the hopes of Nipsey the Mixtape!

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