New Music: Peace – Don Mappy x Cita


A confluence of sound and energy from different regions of the world, Nigerian based Afro Urban star Don Mappy and American virtuoso singer Cita deliver a soul-syncing new piece on Peace.

Consistency is not far-fetched when considering the quintessence of style and sound every time Urban Life music pioneer Don Mappy delivers his songs. This time around, he enjoys the melodic impact of US female vocalist Cita to speak directly to the souls of its listeners.

Peace, a frame of mind of tranquillity free from turmoil & turbulence is a beautiful song dedicated to promoting peace of mind. A Soul & R&B fusion sound with both Don Mappy & Cita delivering brilliant vocals to create an eclectic performance.

A superlative addition to your playlist and a daily prompter in every listener’s quest for a peaceful existence and state of mind.

Listen on your preferred platform.

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