New Music: SL!CK – Pytha


SL!CK by Pytha is a Hip-hop/ Drill song of rebellion especially for artistes. 

Oftentimes, artistes are expected to offer their services for free in exchange for exposure in their come-up days. Pytha is saying; Like everyone, artistes deserve to get paid regardless of their current status.\

Lines like “I ain’t gon drop you that verse unless my money is sitting adjacent” and “This is my gateway out poverty (yah), f**k doing open verse that shit is (scam),” are some of the highlights of the rebellion-themed song.

Pytha is having a long year musically. Although this is his first record for the year, he’s been recording music, performing at shows and hangouts, and releasing open verses. However, having noticed discrepancies in the music scene and was marginalised.

This feeling birthed this energetic and fierce record; SL!CK

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