At a point where it feels like relationships are being stretched with series of experiences, Kutee Lee seems to believe uniting the clan with a rallying cry would be an antidote. He returns since Need For Speed, with new music titled Southside.

Southside epitomizes Kutee‘s experience in the city of Port Harcourt and how he relates with his peers and accomplice in the burgeoning creative scene.  It serves as a healing balm and a stretched-out arm of camaraderie to his people, highlighting things we have in common but mainly the fact that we’re all from the Southside

One would say it’s right timing to drop reflective music especially at this point in the year. Which is exactly the tone exhibited by the emo rap artist on the song, he balances his core sonic disposition with lofi progressions, tapping Clogz on production once again, with the duo turning their collaborative output up a serious notch. 

Kutee Lee puts up a stellar performance on the intensely melodic rap record, singing and rapping about his city experiences as the record goes along, with lyrics “Off we go, we riding/With the bros we sliding/Getting lit we the dawgs and know we thuggin” highlighting his commitment to The community.

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